Gradle Weblogic deployment using wldeploy

on Tuesday, 26 November 2013

In this recipe we will see how easy it is to call the Weblogic tool "wldeploy" from Gradle.

Getting ready

The deployment depends on having a copy of the wlfullclient.jar available to the build scripts. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to create this, so I wont cover that here.

How to do it ...

  • Create our build file.

  • Create our Weblogic instance configurations.

How it works ...

I wont get into the configuration elements of this project. Its covered in great detail here. The important thing to take from this is we are tokenizing our build scripts making them reusable.

The deployToWLS task is where the magic happens. Here we define the ant task using the name, classname and classpath. Next we specify a directory with our deployables; I've used the "build/libs" directory as that's where my war files are packaged to. Next, through the powers of the eachFile closure we get the filename and trim the extension, we then deploy each file in that directory.


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